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Boone County Road Name Directory

To view a list of existing road names within Boone County, click the appropriate letter or search by entering part or all of the road name. For more information, please contact the Boone County Resource Management Department.

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Road Name Description
ULSTER DR COLUMBIA - EASTPORT VILLAGE SUBD. - Southeast corner of I70 Drive Southeast - E and St. Charles Road - E. 3 streets east of Grace Lane - N on north side of Murfreesboro Drive.
UMC DR COLUMBIA - SEVEN OAKS SUBD. - 1 street east of Carter Lane - on north and south side of Campusview Drive.
W UNION LN (BC) NEW TOWN SUBD. - 2.3 miles south of Highway 163 - E on south side of Route K - W -
E UNION CHURCH RD (BC) 2 miles south of Centralia/Boone County Line on east side of Highway 124 - N.
UNITY DR COLUMBIA - 1 street north of Ash Street - W - on east side of McBaine Avenue.
UNIVERSITY AVE COLUMBIA - 5 streets south of E Broadway - on east side of S Ninth St.
S UNIVERSITY LN (PRIVATE/MU) - Entrance to University South Farms - on south side of New Haven Road - E.
UPLAND CREEK RD COLUMBIA - EASTLAND HILLS SUBD. - 1 street west of Columbia/Boone County Line - on north side of St. Charles Road.
UPPER BRIDLE BEND DR COLUMBIA - OLD HAWTHORNE SUBD. - On north side of Highway WW-E - between Rolling Hills Road-S and Olivet Road-S - North on Old Hawthorne Drive East to Upper Bridle Bend Drive on east and west sides.

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