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Boone County Road Name Directory

To view a list of existing road names within Boone County, click the appropriate letter or search by entering part or all of the road name. For more information, please contact the Boone County Resource Management Department.

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Road Name Description
QUAIL DR COLUMBIA - 4 streets north of Clark Lane - on east side of Sylvan Lane.
QUAIL RIDGE RD ASHLAND - SETTERS KNOLL SUBD. - 1 street north of Route Y-E - on west side of Silver Snipe Street.
E QUAKER CIR (BC) HIGHFIELD ACRES SUBD. - 1.4 miles east of St. Charles Road-E on south side of I70 Drive Southeast-E - on west side of Easter Lane-N.
S QUANTRILLS PASS (BC) BONNE FEMME ESTATES SUBD. - 1 mile south of Highway 163 - E on south side of Route K - W - on south side of Lakota Ridge Lane - S.
QUARRY PARK DR COLUMBIA - 2 streets north of Nifong Boulevard - E - on east side of Rock Quarry Road.
N QUARTER MILE DR (BC) QUARTER MILE HILLS SUBD. - 0.5 mile north of Highway 124 - E on southeast side of Barnes School Road - N.
QUARTZ LN COLUMBIA - GREYSTONE SUBD. - North of Evergreen Acres Subd - on east side of Shamrock Drive - 2 streets east of Shamrock Drive - on north side of Gemstone Way - at the end.
QUEEN ANN DR COLUMBIA - 1 street south of Shepard Boulevard - on east side of Old Highway 63 - S.
QUICK SAND CIR COLUMBIA - VANDERVEEN CROSSING SUBD. - Between Smiley Lane and Blue Ridge Road - on west side of Range Line Street - 1 street north of Rain Forest Parkway - on west side of White Tiger Lane.
E QUINCE CT (BC) SHALIMAR GARDENS SUBD. - 1 mile north of Columbia/Boone County Line on west side of Highway 763 - N - 1 street north of Ramie Court - E on east side of Lotus Loop - N.
S QUINN ST McBAINE - 3 streets northwest of Perche Avenue on southwest side of Katy Street.
QUINTON CT COLUMBIA - DEERFIELD SUBD. - 2 streets west of Oakland Gravel Road - on south side of Smiley Lane.
S QUIVER LN (BC) ARROWHEAD LAKE ESTATES SUBD. - 0.25 mile west of Sinclair Road - S on north side of Route K - W - on north side of Arrowhead Lake Drive - S.

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