June Pitchford

2008 Boone County Budget

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Table of Contents
Budget Message
General Information
Fund Statements
Financial Summaries
Personnel and Capital Summaries
Operating Budgets - General Fund and Special Revenue Funds
General Administration
  County Auditor
  Human Resources
  County Commission
  County Association Dues
  Emergency & Contingency
  Centralia Office
  County Counselor
  County Clerk Summary
    County Clerk
    Election & Registration
    Election Services
    Federal HAVA Election Project
    Election Equipment Replacement Activity
  County Treasurer
  Collector of Revenue Summary
    Collector of Revenue
    Collector Tax Maintenance
  Recorder of Deeds Summary
    Recorder of Deeds
    Record Preservation
  Information Technology
  GIS Consortium
  GIS County
  Insurance & Safety
  Employee Benefits
  Mail Services
  Records Management Services
  Special Projects Citizen Contributions
  County Assessor
Law Enforcement & Judicial - Circuit Courts
  Circuit Court Clerk
  Circuit Court Summary
    Circuit Court Services
    Jury Services & Court Costs
    Juvenile Office
    Juvenile Justice Center
    Judicial Grants & Contracts
    Family Services & Justice
    13th Judicial Circuit Drug Court
    Administration of Justice
    Alternative Sentencing Program
        Law Enforcement Sales Tax
        Information System - Court Only
Law Enforcement & Judicial - Sheriff/Corrections
  Sheriff & Corrections Summary
    County Sheriff
    Sheriff Forfeiture Money
    Sheriff Training Fund
    Law Enforcement Citizen Contributions
      Neighborhood Watch
      Community Traffic Safety
      D.A.R.E. Program
      Internet Crimes Task Force
      Firearms Shooting/Gun Range
  Sheriff Civil Charges
  Sheriff Revolving Fund Activity
  Inmate Security Fund
  Sheriff Operations - Law Enforcement Sales Tax
  Corrections - Law Enforcement Sales Tax
  Contract Inmate Housing - Law Enforcement Sales Tax
Law Enforcement & Judicial - Prosecuting Attorney
  Prosecuting Attorney Summary
    County Prosecuting Attorney
    Victim Witness
    Child Support Enforcement
    Prosecuting Attorney Retirement
    Prosecuting Attorney Training
    Prosecuting Attorney Tax Collection
    Prosecuting Attorney Contingency
    Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Collection
    Prosecuting Attorney Forfeiture Money
    Prosecuting Attorney Law Enforcement Sales Tax
Law Enforcement & Judicial - Other
  Public Administrator
  Medical Examiner
  District Defender
  Emergency Services & Dispatch
  Public Safety Grants - Special Projects
  E-911 Emergency Telephone
  Law Enforcement Judicial Information System -
      Law Enforcement Sales Tax
Public Works and Infrastructure
  Neighborhood Improvement District Administration
  Solid Waste Recycling
  Boone County Regional Sewer
      District Management Services
  Public Works Summary of Combined Budgets
    Public Works Road & Bridge Maintenance
    Public Works Design & Construction
    Public Works Insurance Claim Activity
    Public Works Administration
    Road Sales Tax
  Fairground Capital & Maintenance
Health & Community Services
  Community Health
  Social Services
  Community Services
  Domestic Violence Fund
  Local Emergency Planning Committee
    Economic Support
    Parks & Recreation
    Planning & Zoning
    Building Codes
    Animal Control
    On-Site Waste Water
    Bonne Femme Creek Watershed
Operating Budgets - Other Funds
Debt Service Funds
    2005 Series Special Obligation Bonds - Taxable
    1998 Series General Obligation Bonds - Road NIDS
    2000 (A) Series General Obligation Bonds - Sewer NIDS
    2000 (B) Series General Obligation Bonds - Road NIDS
    2001 Series General Obligation Bonds - Road NIDS
    2006 (A) Series General Obligation Bonds - Road NIDS
  Internal Service Funds
    Self-Insured Health Insurance
    Self-Insured Dental Insurance
    Self-Insured Workers' Compensation
    Facilities & Grounds Maintenance
    Facilities & Grounds Housekeeping
    Capital Repairs & Replacement
    Building Utilities
      Government Center Building Utilities
      Courthouse Building Utilities
      Johnson Building Utilities
      Centralia Clinic Building Utilities
      607 E. Ash Building Utilities
  Trust Funds
    George Spencer Trust
    Union Cemetery Maintenance
    Rocky Fork Cemetery Trust
  Capital Project Budgets
    Statistical and Demographic Information
      Largest Employers
      Demographic Statistics
      Assessed Values
      Property Tax Rates
      Schedule of Sales Tax Rates
    Revenues by Source - 10 Year History
      All Governmental Funds Combined (Excluding Capital Project Funds)
      General Fund (Major Fund)
      Road & Bridge Fund (Major Fund)
      Law Enforcement Services Funds (Major Fund)
      Special Revenue Funds (Nonmajor Funds)
      Debt Service Funds (Nonmajor Funds)
    Expenditures by Function - 10 Year History
      All Governmental Funds Combined (Excluding Capital Project Funds)
      General Fund (Major Fund)
      Road & Bridge Fund (Major Fund)
      Law Enforcement Services Funds (Major Fund)
      Special Revenue Funds (Nonmajor Funds)
      Debt Service Funds (Nonmajor Funds)

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