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Recorder Warns to be Wary of Mail Offers for Copies of Deeds


Recorder Warns to be Wary of Mail Offers for Copies of Deeds

Once again another company has cropped up trying taking advantage of Boone County citizens. Boone County Recorder of Deeds Nora Dietzel urges county residents to be wary of mail offers to provide copies of legal documents.

The Recorders' Association of Missouri notified Recorders about a private company's offer to obtain copies of property deeds that charge home owners an excessive fee. The Fulton, Missouri, based company, Record Retrieval, has mailed the offer to residents of Missouri's most populated counties. The Recorders’ Association of Missouri has previously contacted the Missouri Attorney General's office regarding these types of offers from companies.

Property owners in these areas have received a letter offering an official certified copy of their deed for $87.00 or more. These companies simply contact our office to obtain the document and then turn around and mail it to the homeowner while charging them the higher fees.

Most property owners obtained their original property deed when their property was purchased.

These offers cost significantly more than obtaining certified property deeds directly from the Boone County Recorder's Office. Fees are $1 per page, plus $1 for the certification. Most property deeds are one or two pages long which will cost less than $5.00.

"These companies use scare tactics to take advantage of our citizens with misleading claims. These offers should be ignored. Anyone receiving one of these letters may contact our office with questions or to obtain copies quickly and inexpensively."

For information or to obtain a copy of your property deed, you may visit the Recorder’s Office in the Boone County Government Center at 801 E. Walnut Room 132, Columbia, MO, or call the office at (573) 886-4345.

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