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Boone County
Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of the County of Boone is a local quasi-governmental corporation organized under Chapter 349 of the Revised Statute of Missouri. The IDA was formed in 1979 to facilitate the issuance of tax-free industrial development bonds for the development of commercial, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing facilities in the county. The IDA is governed by a nine member board that is appointed by the Boone County Commission.

Members of the IDA must be duly qualified electors of and taxpayers in the county or municipality. No member shall be an officer or employee of the county or municipality. Members shall be a resident taxpayer for at least one year prior to their appointment. Members are appointed by the Boone County Commission for a term of 6 years and no less than three members of the Board shall reside in unincorporated areas of Boone County. One member of the Boone County Commission serves on the IDA as a non-voting member. Currently Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill represents the Commission on the IDA Board. The Board currently employees a Legal Counsel, who also acts as point of contact for the board regarding all offical communication and legal matters. Contact information for our current legal counsel is listed below.

Commissioner: Daniel K. Atwill


Name Role Organization Term expires Township E-mail
J. Scott Christianson  Member    09/08/2017    jsc@kalvideo.com 
Richard Shanker  Secretary    10/31/2015     
Shann Sievers      09/08/2017    ssievers@mem-ins.com 
Gary Fennewald  President    10/07/2015    gfennewald@socket.net 
Rockne Corbin  Member    11/18/2015    rpcorbin@gmail.com 
Thomas M. Schneider  Legal Counsel         
Thomas Nelson  Vice-President    03/27/2018    thomas.r.nelson@usbank.com 
Jim Schepers  Treasurer    09/20/2017    jschepers1@hotmail.com 
Bob Drainer  Member    03/27/2018    ddrainer@centurytel.net 

Legal Counsel and Point of Contact:

Tom Schneider
11 North Seventh Street
Columbia MO 65201
Phone: 573-449-2451
Email: tms@11-7law.com

Contact Information:
Tom Schneider - (573) 449-2451
Gary Fennewald - (573) 886-1339


The IDA Board meets as needed throughout the year and generally meets in the Commission Chambers at the Boone County Goverment Center. The IDA holds an annual meeting at 7:30 p.m., on the third Monday in October of each year.

IDA Documents

The following IDA Documents can be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking on the name of the document below:

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