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Boone County Road Name Directory

To view a list of existing road names within Boone County, click the appropriate letter or search by entering part or all of the road name. For more information, please contact the Boone County Planning & Building Department.

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Road Name Description
O B BROWN RD W (BC) 3.5 miles north of Columbia/Boone County Line on west side of Route E - N.
OAK CT HALLSVILLE - 1 street south of Meadow Lane on east side of Oak Lane.
OAK LN HALLSVILLE - 4 streets east of Route B on north side of Sunrise Drive.
OAK ST ASHLAND - 1 street west of Highway 63 - S on south side of Broadway.
OAK ST COLUMBIA - 1 street north of Ash Street - on west side of Garth Avenue - N.
OAK CLIFF DR COLUMBIA - 1 street east of Grant Lane - on south side of Chapel Hill Road.
OAK CLIFF PL COLUMBIA - 1 street east of Cunningham Road - on north side of Chapel Hill Road.
OAK GATE CT COLUMBIA - WEST POINTE SUBD. - 1 street east of Scott Boulevard - on south side of Current Road.
N OAK GROVE SCHOOL RD (BC) 3 miles west of Highway 63 - N on north side of Highway 124 - W.
OAK HARBOR CT COLUMBIA - THE CASCADES SUBD. - On northeast corner of Sinclair Road - S and Route K - W - 8 streets southeast of Sinclair Road - S - on east side of Cascades Drive.